Our Services Solutions

What you get regardless of the type of service.

Every property we service utilizes what we call a “property trip.”  Within this “property trip” you get to specify what we handle, while on site of your property.  Normally property managers have us clean the property, inspect the property for liability issues, and possibly perform some preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance.  

Spano Services can also oversee the projects / work done by other outside vendors.  This is useful to property managers that are not able to visit their properties regularly.  Sometimes the dumpster isn’t emptied by your trash service, with Spano Services we can alert you to this potential problem before your tenants do.  This is the Spano Difference.

The genius of Spano Services is the full customization you are afforded to tailor exactly how your property is serviced.  To see a general list of the types of services we provide, click the headings below.